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Rune Gebo meaning a Gift, Looks like an x as in X's and o's

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Rune Reading


 The Elder Futhark, used for writing Proto-Norse, consists of 24 runes that often are arranged in three groups of eight; each group is referred to as an Ætt. The earliest known sequential listing of the full set of 24 runes dates to approximately CE 400 and is found on the Kylver Stone in Gotland, Sweden.

Runes are governed by the Norns. Urdh was the goddess of the past; Verdhandi is the goddess of the present; Skuld is the goddess of the future. Skuld is the English root word for 'should.' To the Norse divination is like algebra. A + B= C. Change either A or B, and you will change C. So if you change how you view the past or change how you act in the present, you will change your future. So no reading is cast in stone so your fate or Wyrd is malleable. Wyrd is the root for weird, meaning those things beyond our knowledge. Runes are a great tool for strategic planing.

The Runes can be cast for a single Rune reading; three stones for a past, present, future reading; or a complex reading led by the readers intuition. The choice is with the client.

Our psychics at Angelica of the Angels are highly skilled. Chris Dowgin can help you plan your future through the Runes. Let the Runes guide you as in the past they have served as oracles for Kings and Lords. Stop in today for a reading or book an appointment in advance by phone. Click Here for our Menu of Pricing!

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