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Ghost of Cristmas Past

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Times are tough when loved ones pass on beyond the veil. We all sometimes need someone to remind us that we are still in contact with them. They never truly leave us. Those endearing souls who affected us so much during life, continue to impart their influence on us even after they leave their mortal coil behind.

You might still hear them or feel their presence and just need someone to assure you that your not crazy. Most people are contacted within the first day to week after a passing. Just open yourself up to the opportunity to hear and feel them. If you are still stuck, we can help.

According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead the soul hovers between this world and the many dimensions that open up to them for 8 days. A person of spiritual power would remain in contact with the departed soul during this period and help convince them to strive for their rewards in Heaven. Each following day a soul is presented the opportunity to strive for the highest dimension, but after they refuse it on the eighth day they receive the hell they think they deserve. For it is the soul who is the highest critic of themselves. Most souls enter one of the six dimensions between Heaven and hell. The person of spiritual power counsels the soul trying to get the departed to strive for the highest dimension and ease their transition between the two worlds. This is a service our staff at Angelica of the Angels can provide.

Also some of us are followed by angels or spirit guides. At times these are higher light beings and other times they are those we were close to in this life or one of the many lives we have lived in the past. We can help you better listen to them and improve your relationship so you both can benefit on this journey. Also if you find a soul who is stuck in your home you think could be happier on the other side, we can also help.

Our psychics at Angelica of the Angels are highly skilled and can help you connect to those on the other side. We also book seances in our shop or at your home or event. Stop in today for a session or book an appointment in advance by phone. Click Here for our Menu of Pricing!

We are privileged to have the most talented and caring psychics in Salem!

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