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Lectures, Events, Fairs, Weddings, and More...

House Parties:

Call today or email to schedule a house party (North Shore of Massachusetts Area Only).
Party prices vary depending upon location.


I can travel almost anywhere providing transportation, lodging, and my reasonable speaking fees. I love imparting my caring flair to all maters spiritual in my fine tuned personalized lectures. I also will be available for book signing and events after my first book Burnt Toast and Oranges: The Life of a not so Normal Salem Psychic is released.

Book Signing:

You are selling my book; I want to do everything in my power to help you sell the most of them as possible. Let me know 2 months in advance and I can be at your shop helping you the best I can. Do you have a local spiritual or new age group I can cross promote with, even better. With their help we can utilize a preestablished market instead of creating a new one, which is always results in better sales! Call or email me to set up arraingements.


I hand craft my sermons for each couple. I have married several couples either straight, homosexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender. All are created equal, but your partner you have chosen is extra special wonderful and I want to be part of your life commemorating your dedication and love for one and another!!

Please provide two months notice so I can schedule you in and meet with you so I can handcraft a magical sermon for you beautiful day! Call or email me today to set up the details.


I can bless your child as they enter upon their journey back onto our plane and into their new life. Please just give me two weeks to schedule their most first holy event. Call or email today for more information.


Either you can book space in our wonderful shop or I can travel to your home or event. Please provide a weeks notice.

House Clearing and Blessing:

Is your house haunted? Are you experiencing any paranormal activity? We can help you and the soul trapped in your home. We are more than ghost hunters! We can offer you a detailed history of your home by researching deed records and town histories to help pin down what soul resides in the house to confirm our psychic perceptions. Then we can address the soul directly and coach them on to a place they rather be and give them confidence they can go there and deserve to be there.

Please provide two weeks notice so we can research your home and schedule a visit to your home. Call or email us today!

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