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The Many Benefits of CBD Oil


CBD oil has been used to treat arthritis, pain relief, anxiety, low appetite, cancer symptoms, depression, and high blood pressure. CBD oil is a natural product derived from the cannabis plant that is devoid of the THC which causes the psychotropic or mind altering effects that marijuana usage is commonly associated with. Here at Angelica of the Angels we provide this product to help your mind and body align with your spiritual growth to help remove the limitations that have arisen from the stress of your daily life, injuries, or disease that may prevent or obstruct your self-actualization. CBD oil is not a cure all, but merely a lubricant on the chain of life to help you arrive at your destination a bit quicker.

We are no doctors, so please do your research and make your decision if CBD oil is right for you, but once you do so, we hope you do chose to make your purchases from us. For a more in detail description of the properties of CBD oil you can check out this link to start.


CBD Lotion

Sample Size: 100mg. 4oz. Body Lotion $5.00

Roll on CBD oil

Sample Size: 100mg. 4oz. Roll-On $5.00

Tincture CBD Oil Salem Ma

250mg. 1oz. Tincture

CBD oil tincture in Salem Ma bottle

1000mg. 1oz. Tincture

CBD oil lotion in Salem MA

250mg. 2oz. Lavender Body Lotion $45.00

CBD oil roll on bottle in Salem MA

100mg. 1oz. Roll-On Stress Reliever $25.00

CBD oil roll on bottle in Salem Ma

100mg. 1oz. Roll-On Muscle Reliever $25.00

CBD Muscle Balm bottle in Salem MA

100mg. 2oz. Muscle Balm

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