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Burnt Toast and Oranges

Guess what! The long awaited book by the Salem Love Psychic, Rev. Barbara, is available on and your local bookseller. Ask for it by name if you can't find it on their shelves.

Also you can now buy it at Angelica of the Angels at 192 Essex Street in Salem MA and have The Salem Love Psychic sign your copy!

Hardcover $26.27 | Paperback $12.39 | Kindle $3.03

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Many tales of healing, loving, angels, and metaphysical stories which could only of happened in the Witch City, Salem MA.

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The book is distributed and wholesaled through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. They are there to protect the bookseller, but they do not pay the publisher nor the author whithin a year. They are suppose to pay us in 90 days, only if we sell all that is on the invoice. If they sell 9 of 10 books, we don't get paid. This and the many fines we have to pay for various things, we end up giving the book seller free books.

If you want to help the independent publishers and the authors they serve. Please buy direct. Contact We will offer 45% discount, 90 day terms (if you like), and we will pay our authors for their work within the year (Usually a week after you pay us.)

Why should we still follow outdated ways that limit the written word that started during the great depression which turned writing into a professional consignment industry. Would your plumber wait 90 days or more to pay him, why should an author.


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